Talking Projects

TALKING PROJECTS is one of the leading art film productions companies in Germany, located in Berlin. TALKING PROJECTS ist eine der führenden kunst- & film-produktions-firmen in Berlin, Deutschland. TALKING PROJECTS est l'une des principales sociétés de production de film d'art en Allemagne, située à Berlin. #filmproduktion #filmproduction #film-production #film-produktion


Barbara Simon
Managing Partner & Founder

Barbara Simon founded TALKING PROJECTS in 2011. She started her film career in 1993 as production assistant for different advertising and feature film companies. After graduating in communication science and psychology with a Master of Arts degree from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, she began working as producer at Neue Sentimental Film Frankfurt. In 1998 she went to Berlin and set up a new subsidiary. Two years later Barbara was appointed General Manager of the Berlin company.

Since then her experience encompasses hundreds of commercial films for national and international clients, including Sony, Daimler Chrysler, Deutsche Bank, VW, BMW.

With Talking Projects Barbara Simon focuses on art film production, combining her love for art and film. She‘s also producing content formats and documentaries. Barbara lives and works in Berlin.


Judith Lentze
Writing, Concept & Producing

Working as a writer and producer in documentary films, video art and feature films, Judith brings a lot of experience from big international studio and Netflix productions. She has also written documentaries for arte and mdr with a strong focus on science, in the course of which she had the pleasure to interview international science luminaries like Freeman Dyson, Richard Garwin and George Church, investigating the intricate web of science, history of ideas and cultural perception.